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How to Buy Jewelry that Enhances Appearance

Wearing jewelry has long been a way to both show social status and enhance appearance. Thankfully, just about anyone in today's society can afford to buy beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. Read on to find out how to choose pieces that will enhance appearance and complement particular features and facial shapes before checking out websites like adina's jewels to find new jewelry.

Choosing Necklaces

Think about both the length of necklaces and their volume when purchasing a new piece. Longer necklaces tend to make the wearer look taller, so they're great for shorter women, while chokers can lend taller women the appearance of being shorter than they are. Also keep in mind that fuller-figured wearers tend to look better in necklaces that have a little bit more to them, while petite women tend to feel that they don't look quite right in larger necklaces.

Choosing Earrings

Earrings can be used to draw attention to attractive features or detract it away from flaws. Those with round faces may want to look for long square or rectangularly shaped earrings to help elongate their faces, while those with heart-shaped faces may want earrings that widen their chins such as chandeliers or triangular shapes. Women with long faces should stick with smaller studs rather than long, dangling earrings, as these tend to further elongate the face.

Bracelets and Rings

Choose bracelets and rings that complement the face as well as the hands, as it's not uncommon for people to bring their hands to their faces when they're talking, eating, or even just sitting around. Think about the shape of fingers when buying rings, as well, and make sure that the ring does not go over the knuckle as this almost never looks good. Those with short fingers should purchase small, delicate rings, while those with long, thin fingers may want to consider wider bands. Petite women should always focus on finding thinner, more delicate bracelets as well, although just about anyone else will usually look good in wider bracelets.

The Take-Away

It's worth taking a look in the mirror and taking a look at what other pieces of jewelry women own and what effect they have before making new purchases. Once a reader has gotten an idea for the basics described above, she can head to adina's jewels to check out a wide selection of jewelry and find the pieces that will perfectly complement her appearance.